How to Ride a Sidecar

Sidecar motorcycles have been around since about 1895, but started turning heads in 1940 when the Soviet Union acquired the design  for military use only during World War II.


Fast forward 75 years and Ural Motorcycles are still turning heads and sparking an interest for not only beginner riders, but experienced riders as well. What’s not to love about the Ural Motorcycle? The sidecar provides extra storage, they are less prone to toppling over in slippery conditions, you can carry ANY type of passenger, and they make anyone look cool! Like any motorcycle, practice makes perfect, and these three-wheeled machines do require a lot of practice.


So, how do you ride a sidecar?

It is easier than you think, actually! Ural, with the help from Good Spark Garage, have created a comical-three minute video with tips on how to ride a sidecar. Enjoy!

Do you ride a Ural or a different type of Sidecar Motorcycles? Do you have any other tips worth mentioning? Leave a comment in the “Leave a Reply” box below.

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