Is it Supercross or Motocross?

The dirt bike racing season has officially begun, and you may be wondering “What’s the difference between Supercross and Motocross?” We’re happy to help answer that for you.

Similarities exist between the two, but they are also quite different. Both racing series invite the best of the best athletes in racing, and race on 450cc and 250cc bikes. Both series also feature high jumps, sharp turns, and dirt. A lot of dirt. There’s never a dull moment, or a quiet one. Yet, the difference between the two isn’t based on the loudness of the bikes, but rather on how each course is created.



Motocross events take place on an outdoor, man-made track built into the terrain with some wicked obstacles, like high jumps, mixed in. The tracks are between a half-mile to two miles long. With the courses having irregular patterns dictated by the natural terrain, riders must shift between sharp left- and right-hand turns.

As for gates dropping, the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series  gets underway during the second half of the racing season. Riders get about a month break at the end of the Supercross season before racing through the 12-race Motocross series in May. Riders compete in two races, or motos, with the combined outcome of both determining the overall winner. As a result, a rider who wins neither of the motos can still take first-place on the podium. Each moto is 30 minutes plus two laps in duration and the winner is the rider who crosses the finish line first after the checkered flag is waved.



Unlike Motocross, racers compete on an indoor, man-made course in an arena. Unfortunately, the size of the arena also limits the types of jumps and turns.

As for racing series, the Monster Energy Supercross series kicks off in January. There is one 20-lap race to determine the winner. The series consists of 17 races, and uses a point system to determine the overall championship with the rider accumulating the most points throughout the season crowned the Supercross championship.

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