Is Honda Rolling into the Rideshare Market?

Have you ever wished you could dial up a motorcycle using your Uber or Lyft app? Well, those days may not be too far off in the future, if a partnership between Honda motorcycles and Grab, Inc. takes off.

That’s right – Honda Motorcycles, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, recently signed a memorandum of understanding for a potential collaboration with Grab Inc., with the two companies planning to team up to provide motorcycle ridesharing services in Southeast Asia.

The collaboration is aimed at reducing heavy traffic in urban areas. Honda will be utilizing Grab Inc.’s resources to ‘shift emphasis from “ownership” to “share use” of products’ to boost sales of motorcycles while also increasing mobility options for commuters, reducing the CO2 emissions in the region.

The final details of the collaboration are not certain yet, but both companies will conduct experimental initiatives in Southeast Asia through Grab’s ride-sharing business.

Honda’s goal is to continue offering a safe and convenient means of transportation that their customers can use with great confidence and at the same time, contribute to the continuous growth of the motorcycle market in Southeast Asia.

And, who knows; if the idea plays well in Asia, it may not be too long before motorcycle ridesharing is as common as summoning an UberX.

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