Send in the Brigade?

For those who dislike receiving a ticket for offenses captured by a speeding or red light camera, you’re really not going to be happy with the latest idea from Canadian industrial designer Eduardo Arndt.

Arndt has conceived the Brigade, an autonomous police motorcycle which will roll through the streets outfitted with a bevy of cameras, sensors, projectors, and speakers, all designed to detect low-level crimes, issue citations and even alert local law enforcement, when necessary.

Kept upright via a built-in gyroscope, the Brigade, as envisioned by Arndt, would patrol the streets, cameras peeled for expired registrations and illegally parked cars, freeing up human police officers to tend to the more egregious offenders.

For those feeling the need for speed, the Brigade won’t even have to stop in order to issue a warning. Instead, the lead-footed driver will be alerted via a flashing light and audio message. If ignored, the Brigade will follow the speeder and alert local police officers.

There was no timeline for Arndt’s plans to introduce the futuristic motorcycle drone to law enforcement for testing and mass production.


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