Bikes, Brats and Boats: What’s Coolest?

There was big news out of the Wisconsin Manufacturer’s & Commerce (WMC) State of Wisconsin Business luncheon on October 18th as the Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine was named the “Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin.”

In what was characterized as a fierce online contest, the Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight bested over 200 entrants, ultimately claiming the honor over co-finalists “brats” (manufactured by Johnsonville Sausage, LLC) and “combat ships” (produced by Fincantieri Marinette Marine).

Over 20,000 votes were cast in the inaugural contest.

Randy Christianson accepted the award on behalf of the motor company stating, “The Milwaukee-Eight is a great testimony to the work that can be done, the manufacturing that can be done, in the United States, here in Wisconsin, and at Harley-Davidson.”

Two of Harley-Davidson’s  seven manufacturing facilities are located in Wisconsin, which is also home to its corporate offices and museum, both located in Milwaukee, and a product development center based in Wauwatosa. More than half of the company’s total square footage is in Wisconsin.

It was unclear where “cheese curds” placed in the competition.

Watch the Finalist video for Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee-Eight engine:

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