Kawasaki meets ‘Knight Rider’

A recent announcement from Kawasaki may have you waxing nostalgic about the 1980s NBC series “Knight Rider” which featured a KITT, the superpowered, intelligent, talking Trans-Am (and David Hasselhoff, in his pre-“Baywatch” days, but KITT was way cooler; don’t believe us, just check out the photo below).


But we digress…

So what do “Knight Rider” and Kawasaki have in common?

According to an August 25, 2016, press release,  the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer is moving forward with plans to develop next-generation motorcycles that will make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow the bike to have a personality and grow along with the rider.

In plain English, that means the bike will learn from the rider’s spoken commands, picking up on the rider’s intent and emotional state and, ultimately, enabling the rider and motorcycle to communicate. The motorcycle will also develop an understanding of the rider’s idiosyncrasies, honing in on their riding skill and style.

The move is Kawasaki’s next step in their rider-centric development philosophy, RIDEOLOGY, which puts a premium on delivering motorcycles that are fun and rewarding to control.

Kawasaki’s announcement contained no information regarding an estimated production date for the futuristic motorcycle and David Hasselhoff was unavailable for comment.




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