‘Harley and the Davidsons’: A 6-Hour Love Letter to Motorcycles

Reviews are mixed for the upcoming Discovery Channel miniseries “Harley and the Davidsons,” set to air September 5th through 7th, as critics cite a lack of character development and a confusing chronology, among other shortcomings. But one thing is clear – the actors are not the stars of this production.

Instead, it’s the motorcycle which takes center stage, with Variety calling the miniseries “… a love letter to American motorcycling that will find its way to many passionate viewers,” adding, “… the racing scenes are depicted with great affection, the antique engines are reproduced with astonishing care, and the wild and free shots of Walter riding a Harley-Davidson through Wisconsin farmland are scored with thrilling intensity.”

Indeed, the passion for motorcycles seems to have been contagious on the set of the turn-of-the-century tale, as actors Michiel Huisman (Walter Davidson) and Bug Hall (Arthur Davidson) each rekindled their love affair for two wheels while filming the series.

In an interview with USA Today, Hall shared that he rode his first motorcycle when he was 14, but “… hung up (his) spurs as a rider” in 2012 before getting back in the saddle for his role as the more sales-minded of the Davidson brothers.

In the same interview, Huisman shared that he rode all through his 20s thinking that he would never get in a car, until he and his wife had a child. “After we wrapped (shooting), it immediately sparked all kinds of conversations at our house about, ‘Well, what if I just get on the bike every now and then?'”

Huisman’s “Game of Thrones” co-star Robert Aramayo (Bill Harley) told USA Today, “One of the things that this series has taught me is that there’s a culture, a spirit and a way of life that goes along with riding. That’s something I’ve gained a lot of respect for. Would I like to ride a motorcycle at some point in my life after shooting this series? Absolutely.”

View the full official trailer and visit Discovery.com for more on the miniseries, including videos, the history of the infamous racing motordomes, actor/character bios and more.

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