Names Triumph Bonneville ‘Motorcycle of the Year’

Fans of the modern classic, rejoice! recently named the 2016 Triumph Bonneville platform, including the Street Twin, Thruxton and T120 Bonneville, as their Motorcycle of the Year.

The website cited Triumph’s ability to create a new platform that both met contemporary emissions and performance standards while appearing more authentically retro among the reasons for their selection.

“Redesigning this platform from the ground up was obviously a massive undertaking for Triumph, and all those efforts are proudly on display from first look to first ride. The fit and finish is excellent and makes us think that manufacturing the bikes in Thailand isn’t much – if any – of a penalty relative to building them at Triumph’s home base in England. Not only does the trio work well on the road, they also have a way of connecting emotionally with riders, helping bridge the gap back to Triumph’s historic glory years while never leaking oil or hatching the old Prince of Darkness electrical issues of bygone Lucas equipment,” wrote Kevin Duke of isn’t the first to rave about the Triumph Bonneville line-up. Earlier this year,  wrote, “The T120 is an impressive bike at first sight. With acres more chrome and very little plastic bolstering the ranks, it feels like a more capable, more impressive bike than before, even before you saddle up. While only marginally longer and heavier than the Street Twin, it also feels like a whole lot more bike than its kid brother.”

And when describing the 2016 Triumph Street Twin, Frank Melling of raved, “… the 2016 Triumph Street Twin is a very clever motorcycle which pulls off a rather smart trick. First, it is an authentic classic – but with all the benefits of 21st century engineering” and added that the new motor “looks drop-dead gorgeous.”

For fans of the modern classic, perhaps Cycle World‘s Joseph Gustafson captured the essence of the new Bonneville platform best when writing about the Thruxton R, “Its most impressive engineering feat is that it has made nostalgia a reality. This is a love letter to British superbike history, the burbling parallel twin bursting with character, the communicative handling, and the responsive brakes, without the leaks, creaks, and kickstarts of old.

This is not a trip back in time, but to a parallel dimension where the Bonneville never became retro, but became the standard.”

We’re pretty sure Paul Newman would be proud.

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