Phoenix: Find a Ride Group

“”The smaller the company, the better the share; the bigger the company, the merrier the play.” – Manx Proverb

While there’s much to be said for the unbridled freedom of taking to the road alone, as with most activities in life, the enjoyment of riding a motorcycle can be amplified when riding with a group. Of course, it’s important that you find a group that meshes with your interests, schedule, and skill level.

Fortunately, there’s an abundance of motorcycle riding groups out there just waiting to welcome new members. And in an effort to help you find the perfect group for you, periodically, we’ll feature a city or region and highlight some of the ride groups in that area. Today, we focus on the Phoenix, Arizona, area.

Let’s Plan a Ride Meet Up

“Open to anyone interested in riding a motorcycle; all types of bikes and all skill levels welcome; 255 members.”

AZ Bikers

“Rides, events, news, and great biker-friendly establishments; 2611 members.”

AZ Lady Bikers

“A group for the AZ Lady riders scene. No guys, just a bunch of awesome ladies looking for new friends and to get some rides together; 137 members.”

We Ride Arizona

“We welcome all bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts and clubs here. It doesn’t matter whether you wear a patch or not. Our goal is to connect riders. Our sole purpose is to unite those who love the wind, the ride and the open road; 3,639 members.”

Phoenix Motorcycle Riders Group

“This is a place for motorcycle riders of all skills to gather and share rides and our lives. No rules, just a place to meet some new riders and make new friends. If you see a ride you like, show up. You don’t have to be a member to ride with us, but once you ride you soon will be. This group is open to everyone, we all tossed our leg over the seat one day not really knowing how to do this, so we have rides that span the range from simple breakfast runs to all day and overnight excursions; 679 members.”

AZ Rat Pack

“We are an all inclusive club focusing on its people rather than solely on their bikes. We promote a sport-touring/touring lifestyle for our experienced riders along with ushering inexperienced and beginner riders to fully enjoy the sport and move to more challenging rides. Our regular membership currently ride diverse styles of motorcycles and come from different walks of life.

We are an affiliate club of the SCMA (Southern California Motorcycle Association) where many of our members have enjoyed some of their events that include the USA Four Corners and the 3 Flags Classic, both on the AMA’s Extreme Tour Calendar. In return, many of their members ride over to support and participate in our rides; 100 members.”

Let’s Just Ride Motorcycle Group

“We are interested in riding to all corners of Arizona. We are looking for people who are interested in joining for a one or two day ride travelling the highways of our beautiful state. All riders of all skill level are welcome; 746 members.”

Arizona Trail Riders

“ATR’s mission focus is to enjoy the sport of Dirt Biking. Be that single-track, jeep roads, racing, dual-sports, whatever. We like to enjoy the great outdoors with our families and friends and prefer to do it while aboard a motorcycle. The club is a diverse group made up of riders of all ages, genders, and abilities so we offer something for everyone; 1,377 members.”

Gold Wing Road Riders Association – Arizona Chapter D

“In October of 1978 Chapter “D” was originally formed into what is now known as a GWRRA Charter (GWRRA itself was started in 1977 in the Phoenix area). Chapter D was the 4th such Chapter in Arizona; it is now and always has been based in Mesa, AZ. Chapter D is the largest of the Arizona District Chapters (11 in all); 228 members.”

AZ Beemers

“AZ Beemers is a non-profit organization consisting of members who share a common desire to enjoy good riding and good friends. We plan rides throughout the year all around the US and Mexico. We travel thru all kinds of terrain and weather (hey that’s part of the fun of the ride), and then at times along the ride we stop – and enjoy that, too.”

Hey Phoenix – is there another ride group we should know about? Use the “Leave a Reply” box below to add to our list.

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